studied at the university in Bursa, the first capital city of the Ottomans, where you may find the best early Ottoman tiles of the 14-15th century;

now lives in Istanbul, the last capital city of the Ottoman Empire where the most beautiful examples of the 16th century Iznik tiles in mosques, palaces, fountains, and hamams; 

is a textile engineer and worked for a while in the business. One day he decided to pursue his childhood dream to become an artist;

trained for two years with the well-known ceramics artist Turgut Tuna in Bursa;

now has his own studio in Büyükada, an island in Istanbul where he designs his own İznik and Seljuk inspired tiles and pottery, and grows vegetables, fruit, and flowers.

was born in Konya, the capital city of the Seljuks, where you may find the best examples of 12-13th  century Turkish tiles;


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Human figures: Turkish oil wrestlers and Turkish-bath attandance (10x10x21cms)

gallery/iphone tum resimler 250

Bonitos: Wall hangings (40x11x3cms)

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Deep Iznik Dish: Replika form. The original exhibited in Ottoman Art Gallery at MET museum in NY USA (D:36cms h:8,2cms)


Oval Servis Plate (Small): Stylised Seljuck decoration and traditional turquoise glaze (27x21x4cms)


Sea Beams: Wall hangings (7,5x25x2cms)

gallery/fparlak-foto-oval servis-2

Oval Servis Plate (Large): Stylised Iznik Damascus ware decorationon an traditional English Stoneware oval form (35x27,5x5cms)